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News & Announcements

Colors for the Month of December
1st Sunday: RED
2nd Sunday: BLUE
3rd Sunday: GREEN
4th Sunday: FESTIVE

Volunteers Needed:
TGMBC Women Missionary Department is seeking volunteers to drive mission sisters to their nursing home visitations on the third Saturday of each month. Please contact Sis. Brenda Laws at 501-803-9033 for additional information.


Shanteria Davis, Kyle Armstrong, Geraldine Wilkins, Terrance Collier, Gaye Hargrove, Jake Hall, Sybil Mitchell, Tanita Collier, Natasha Haynes, Verndray Williams, Detrian Haynes, Tyler Davis, Ethel McClure, Regina Eruagbere, Franklin Jackson, Angel Mason, Charles Perkins, T.J. Davis, Diana Jackson and Jaylynn Brown

Carson & Janet Harris
Freddie & Gaye Hargrove
Omar & Tina Bozeman

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