TGMBC History

Mission Statement

"We are committed as a church family to giving expressions of our faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ- through a daily presentation of a crucified Saviour to the world, by witnessing through sharing His life and the love of Christ to a dying world, making known to all men the Christ revealed through the Gospel, and through Corporate Worship."

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God, and as such, it is God's revelation of Himself. The Bible states that God exists and that He is the Creator of mankind and the universe.

We believe that the Bible set forth a Triune God (God manifested in three person: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), who designed the plan for the redemption of fallen mankind, by sending His Son (Jesus Christ) who died on a Roman cross for our sins.

We believe that faith in the Lord's atoning death (Blood) on the cross saves sinners from their sins, thus granting the believer justification with God, the Father.

We believe that faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross constitutes obedience to the Gospel of God and qualifies the believer the privilege of receiving the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the eternal security of the believer, according to God's promise of eternal life to those who obey the Gospel.

We believe that admission into the local church is achieved by repentance of sins, confession of faith after learning the Gospel preached, then submitting to the rite of water baptism (immersion).


Trinity Grove Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1913 by charter members Rev. M. Brownlee, Sis. Mary Brownlee, Bro. Fred Gaffney, Sis. Vinna Jordan, and Bro. Ison Jordan. in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The church's first pastor was Rev. Jimmy Johnson. His leadership was followed by several pastors, including Rev. Doyle, under whose leadership a new building was erected and the membership was greatly increased. Under succeeding Rev. C.N. Ford, the present-day church located at 14208 Old Maumelle Road was erected, but not completed.

Trinity Grove continued on under the leadership of Rev. A. Jones and later, Rev. John L. Taylor, Jr. Under Rev. Taylor, the new church was completed with the addition of a number of classrooms, a baptismal pool, a kitchen, and other needed facilities. Trinity Grove continued to grow spiritually and financially under the leadership of Pastor Melvin Williams, and later, Pastor Artee Williams, and Pastor Carl Jackson.
Pastor Charles Holloway and
First Lady Ophelia Hollowa
Today, Trinity Grove is led by Pastor Charles Holloway. The church has continued its growth, with the addition of the Children's Church and the Board of Christian Education. Today, every church member can stand and proudly say:

I love thou church O' God, Her walls before the stand,

For Her tears shall fall, For Her prayers ascend.

I love thou church O' God, thee house of thine abode,

The church our blessed Redeemer saved, with His own precious blood.

In Loving Memory of
Pastor Carl Jackson
September 27, 1956-June 11, 2017
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